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Players & Fans

Softstar has access to 500 million potential players in the Greater Chinese community,with insurmountable brand recognition.

Proportion Analysis for Softstar Gaming Categories

Softstar's gaming products comprise two major installations: PC and mobile.

For PC users, role playing game is the mainstay, followed by simulation game and strategy game.

Mobile games comprise two major systems: iOS and Java.

Categories of Softstar's Gaming Products

Role Playing Game Chinese Paladin Series, Xuan Yuan Sword Series, Tun Town Series, etc
Simulation Game Richman Series, Stardom Series,
Strategy Game Empire of Angels Series
iOS Richman 4 Fun, Flying PuPu, Poor George
Java Chinese Paladin Series, Xuan Yuan Sword Series, Richman Series

Proportion Analysis for Softstar Entertainment Product Fans

By way of TV dramas, comics, novels, and physical peripherals, Softstar presents gaming entertainment content in various forms via various media, satisfying a wide range of entertainment needs of consumers beyond gaming use. As such, Softstar is thus able to continue its expansion of IP subscribers and bring a substantial number of IP subscribers into the fold as potential players, a great subsequent asset to Softstar.

When Chinese Paladin – just one example – was released in 2005, it attracted 500 million viewers (actual players being 12 million). The brand awareness of the above audience/players and their acceptance of the Softstar brand translate to immense user assets and brand assets for Softstar.