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Influence in East Asia

Softstar has been cultivating its presence in the Greater Chinese market for 23 years, building a solid collaboration network with over 30 famed international entertainment content developers, providers, and distributors in the region, and has up to 500 million fans and over 23 million players.

Softstar products frequently set new records in the Greater Chinese community:

  • Chinese Paladin 1 as a PC game was selected by PC game players as the top ranking champion in the game chart set up by China's Popsoft magazine for five consecutive years.
  • The TV drama of Chinese Paladin 1 is China's very first TV drama adapted from a PC game, attracting close to 500 million viewers in China upon its release in 2005.
  • Chinese Paladin 5 as a PC game has sold over 1 million copies, holding the record for all Chineseoriented PC games.