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Who is Softstar

FOUNDED : 1988


OWNERSHIP : Public (OTC:6111)

HEADQUARTER : Taipei, Taiwan

EMPLOYEES : 315 worldwide as of December,2011

BUSINESS CORE : IP Creation & Management / Product Research & Development / Cloud Entertainment

1.A leading original IP brand for the Chinese market

2.Into long-term development of multi-platform games

3.Developing cross-media entertainment products & services

4.500 million fans in the Greater Chinese community and player sites in various regions in China.

5.Creating a comprehensive entertainment kingdom

Softstar Entertainment Inc. is a leading brand for PC games for the Chinese market and has created the Chinese Paladin, Xuan Yuan Sword, and Richman as the top 3 best known Chinese-speaking game IPs. It is also the very first Chinese game provider to invest in the development of spin-off products & services, presented in such diverse media as TV dramas, novels, comics, and physical games, so as to satisfy all the entertainment demands of its numerous and wide-ranging consumers. Up to date, Softstar owns a fan base of 500 million people in Greater China (China being the major market), as well as fan clubs across the whole China; its domestic and international business partners span across North East Asia, South East Asia, North America and Europe.

Since 2005, Softstar has transformed from being solely a game developer to an IP based-entertainment provider. In the future, Softstar will continue to build on its solid foundation in the Greater Chinese market and actively seek collaboration with overseas companies to provide more diversified entertainment content to consumers worldwide.